Helping to Keep Your Chickens Cool in the Heat

Chickens don’t care for excessively hot days. Some can handle the heat better than others, but all of them seem grateful for the extra concern for their welfare during hot and humid weather.

TIP 1:

Cut a whole watermelon in half. Put both halves in the freezer overnight – protect the open-side with Saran Wrap. When the temps and dew point start to rise (~~ over 80 and over 60 F degrees, respectively – depending on the chicken), leave a 1/2 frozen watermelon out for them to peck. This works for humans too — try it!

TIP 2:

Create a mist from your sprinkler system and mist near (not ON) the chickens, and away from the water/food/snacks.

TIP 3:

Place a fan on the outside of the coop, and let it blow through the chicken wire for about  1 – 2 hours between dusk (when they put themselves in) and the night-time drop in air temps (from 80’s + to mid-low 70’s -.). Some folks might need to use an extension cord — like me.