Preen – Rest – Ruminate




Where the Girls Hang

This is a semi-enclosed area where the girls eventually run (and I do mean run) to from either the protected chain-linked area & coop space or the big yard. It is surrounded on 3 sides by pine trees and so it gives quite a bit of shade and protection from the wind. The pines are so thick though, that this hot, dry, humid summer, not enough eastern cool, lake breezes could get through.

It became a rather sticky stagnant space at times and I had to shoo the girls out so they could catch a lake breeze elsewhere. The dilemma of course is that the space is great protection against harsh cold winds, but much less desirable on hot, humid days.

If I prune back the trees to open it up a bit, the protection from winter winds is lost. I suppose I could expand the area and place the fencing outside of the pines…so that the trees themselves are enclosed within the fenced area. The house, however is located right there on the east-south-east side, so it’s uncertain how much extra breezes might be had with this fix, and of course, the aesthetic is affected. Now looking out the window, all that is seen are the huge pines trees.


I’m open for any suggestions!