Chicken Astrology


If Astrology Worked With Chickens

If you read my post, Meet The Girls, it is clear to see that each hen has her own unique personality. I enjoy astrology as a hobby, and so I’ve been thinking about the astrological signs of my girls.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Helen of Troy: This is one of the easiest. She is no doubt, an ARIES hen.  A warrior, a fighter, fearless, optimistic, yet will accept quite a bit of babying when her world has been turned upside down. Still, she won’t be down for long. Soon, she’ll put back on her battle gear and face the world as the fearless leader hen that she was born to be!

Ruby Redhead: Probably a LIBRA, as she gets along splendidly with all the hens, except for Helen of Troy, who is her opposite sign. She is elegant, graceful, judicious, and not at all gluttonous. She takes the weaker hens under her wing.

Sissy: Oh what a PISCES she is. A dreamy, bird-brained, affected little thing. But so incredibly lovable, kind, and timid. She is protected by all and she absolutely needs that.

Esther: At first one might think she is a Cancer because of her prolific egg production, but she is actually a TAURUS. First, she loves to eat. And she loves the good stuff. Second, she is a producer, but not at all broody. A hard working patient hen who is persistent enough to accomplish her daily tasks. She doesn’t let anything get in her way!

Pepita: is definitely a GEMINI. She is the trans-species communicator of the flock, not because she cackles incessantly, but because she tries to understand and be understood, both verbally and non-verbally for the purpose of providing information or obtaining it. Because of her skill at  trans-species communications, she might be erroneously considered a Sagittarius. She is not a Sagittarius in my view, because she’s not a physical bird, nor is she clown-like or playful. For her, it’s all about the message and she is the messenger!

What about your birds? What astrological sign are they and why?