Cold Front


One Corner Of The Property

After bitching for weeks and weeks about the persistent heat (yes, anything above 82 F with dew-points above 62 is just too damn hot for me, the birds, AND the dogs)…Mother Nature finally let loose a day of rain yesterday, followed by the first real cold front since April. A cool breezy night with dropping temps brought the open windowed house down to a chilly 61 F degrees. Now…most of the time, that would be just a tad too chilly, but not this morning!! Nothing a comfy sweatshirt and a cup of hot coffee can’t per-fect.

The birds like it too. I can tell because they are usually cackling away (get us out of this joint!) and ready to leave the summer-temped coop for the great outdoors. This morning however — with the chill in the air — and a much cooler coop, they stayed perched awhile longer — hung around — like they were lollygagging in bed, cooed and cawed a bit, and were generally just lounging around, as I imagine hens do. Esther, interestingly, has just now gone back into the nest to lay??? This early? It’s not even 8:00 am.

Of course, the dogs LOVE cool temps. These are big, burly, hairy dogs after all. As we usually do on such a morning, we walk — they run, skip, jump, and play tag — around and throughout the 5 acre perimeter . Lay-Lay (Lacy), the very old rescue Newfoundland has slowly over the past year, reduced her walking distance from almost the entire perimeter to not even 50 yards. Even so, I give her tons of kudos for doing what she can and for staying back to guard the house. She appreciates that I appreciate what she still can do!

Another way I know it’s a beautiful day? Bird-chirping-quiet interspersed with incessant barking for about 5 minutes — people walking or jogging the gauntlet of the property  – usually in the mornings and after work. Anyone who walks by the fenced property gets the full gamut of guard dog wannabe behavior; the mutts all run the entire length barking, barking, barking, barking, barking ^5 (see image above to get a sense of the fence)….I blame the realtor entirely, who insisted that this location is isolated and private. Not on a gorgeous day, when folks feel compelled to take a walk, it isn’t.

Our small town is building a dog park, not far from here. Under normal circumstances, I would be thrilled that dogs have a safe place to run and play. All I can envision now, unfortunately, are endless days of non-stop barking, as dog owners walk their pets to the park at all hours of the day. Walking past our place is the only best way to get from town to the dog park. Oh my. Omg…

I better take advantage of the fall-like weather. I don’t hear any barking….