Worm Beeotch


Digging For Worms…

I think the expectation that I dig up the dirt daily for worm snacks began the day that I actually did it. Several days ago, I was observing how ineffective their little hen claws were, just barely scratching the surface of the ground to get what? A gnat or two? I decided to get out my hand tool and dig the dirt up a bit to show them where the worms were. I figured that they would get the idea and they would claw a bit deeper. Instead my hens — primarily Pepita and Esther (as shown above, respectively) stood by my claw tool waiting for the next chunk of dirt to go flying out, so they could pick out the worms without much effort at all. They have absolutely no fear of the hand claw tool, and I have to be very careful not to accidentally whack their little heads! What they actually prefer I do, is to dig up the dirt, pull out the worms, and feed them by hand… like feeding grapes to a lover….no kidding.

A day or so ago, I bought some live nightcrawlers to feed them. It’s basically just the same type of worm that one would find in the garden dirt. $3.95 for 12 large live worms. I bought 2 packets. The hens liked them OK, but for some reason, they really show more interest in the worms I dig out for them.

Today, I wasn’t planning on digging up any worms. I was rather busy and so the girls didn’t have much of my attention at all. When I went in the yard to get something, Pepita ran up to me and cackled “Where have you been? You are sooo late — are you gonna dig us up some worms today?” Oh my. I didn’t have the heart to say no to her, so I stopped whatever I was doing, and for about 45 minutes, I dug up worms for all 5 of the hens — hand feeding most of them.

What have I started? And is it sustainable? I thought hens were supposed to be “low maintenance” but I’m not really getting that impression at all…