3 Egg Milestone



The Egg Team…

Sissy laid her first egg today!! Now the 3 hen-looking hens are producing nice, pinkish light brown eggs!! The other two? Hmmm, Helen of Troy is probably…Helen the Boy. I definitely need to call the hen people again. Ruby Redhead, on the other hand, has never displayed mounting behavior, although ? he-she ? is the only one that Cock – A – Doodle – Doooos… but something else is going on with her.

She is losing all the feathers on the back of her neck (scruffy – looking) and she’s not growing relative to the other hens.


She’s a bit of a skinny hen. She eats, she poops, she preens, she drinks, she perches, she forages…but something is not quite right with her. She was beautiful when I got her, but now she’s not quite where she ought to be. All the hens get ALOT of good nutritious food, so I don’t think she’s missing any nutrients.


Of course, I could take her to the vet, but she isn’t exhibiting any illness and I can’t say that she hasn’t gained any weight (although she looks skinnier than when I got her) – just not at the magnitude and rate of the other hens — she is now the smallest hen — even Sissy has surpassed her in size. Not only that, I’m not even convinced she’s a hen. She may also be a rooster??!!

If any-one has any insight into her timid eating behavior and low weight, please do leave a comment!

Poor Ruby…