Cold-Hardy Hens?


Check Out These Cold-Hardy Hens….

This morning, the temps were a cool 45 F degrees with a bit of a refreshing breeze. Nothing uncomfortable in the least, as the sky was and continues to be  deep bright blue and crystal clear with a brilliant white sun shining blazing down — blindingly, almost uncomfortably so. No chemtrails  persistent jet contrails  solar geo-engineering going on today, thank God. Anyway, nothing that a flock of cold-hardy birds would even notice…(the “cold,” not the chemtrails) until I happened to go to the yard around 8:30ish to check up on things (I open their coop and feed them breakfast between 6-7 am) and this picture above is what I saw…

Now this may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but it is. This is the first time the girls are actually hanging out in the bird sanctuary. It’s 54 F degrees in the coop!! It’s a beautiful day to forage and frolic.

I chose the Barred Rock because I heard they were a cold-hardy bird and that they were easy for beginner backyard chicken owners to handle… and that they were good, consistent layers. If the girls are a bit chilled this morning… enough to wanna hang out indoors on a gorgeous day, then me and them — well, we’ve got a looong winter ahead of us.

Needless to say, I went to the kitchen and rustled up a mix of some hot oatmeal, cream of wheat, and Gerber’s baby oatmeal cereal, and added some Gerber’s meat sticks & Gerber’s beef (they love it!! And if it’s good enough for human babies…) The girls got their fill, with Ruby on the back end shown here…notice Pepita and Sissy on the way back into the sanctuary. Notice Helen in the corner acting cold. It’s not that cold!!!


 After being outdoors for just a short while (it’s actually very nice outside), all of them went back into building…


Here is Helen making sure all the “eggers” are warm enough…. With this behavior now – it’s not even Fall, it seems like my next project will be finding a way to safely heat this space.Image