ImageParticulate Dispersion via Aircraft…

What are they dispersing (who are they anyway?) and why? There is no way to answer any of these questions with any certainty because the general public, in my opinion, continues to be deliberately deceived, overtly misled, negligently uninformed, and malignantly fed a steady dose of disinformation.

I am referring specifically  to the ongoing,  pseudo-experimental research conducted in the skies above, which fall under the rubric of “geoengineering.”

Wikipedia definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoengineering

“…geoengineering (or climate engineering, climate remediation, and climate intervention[1]) refers to “the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to moderate global warming…”

According to David Keith ( http://www.keith.seas.harvard.edu/geo.html ), a self-proclaimed proponent of geoengineering, and whose work in the area of solar radiation management (SRM) is funded by Bill Gates, – I paraphrase:  it is cheap, easy, and quick to technically engineer an increase in planetary albedo or reflectivity as a means to offset warming due to greenhouse gasses. In the same paragraph, he unabashedly admits to climate and environmental risks as a result of SRM.

Note: Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering or SAG is yet another term that is used  to describe the deployment of aerosolized particulates into the stratosphere (usually by aircraft) for the purpose of cooling through reflectivity.

Keith goes on and writes:  However, the cooling produced by SRM does not exactly compensate for the warming caused by CO 2 – driven climate change; and any particular method of SRM will no doubt entail other risks and side-effects.” No doubt, indeed.

Later, Keith says: “The amount of climate change resulting from a given emissions trajectory is uncertain, as are the resulting economic (or other) damages.

Ken Caldiera at the Carnegie Institution wrote in a 2012 article entitled: Geoengineering and Global Food Supply,  that the use of high-flying airplanes to constantly replenish a layer of small particles in the stratosphere would scatter sunlight back to space. But that it could have unintended consequences for climate, and especially for precipitation.

High flying airplanes? Emissions trajectory? Small particles? Look up in the sky. See those persistent jet contrails that completely haze over a clear blue sky in a matter of hours? We don’t know exactly what is being emitted regionally because our state and local representatives, …and weather people don’t tell us what, when, where, why, and for how long we must endure being sprayed upon. In fact,  they all plead total ignorance.

Academic research and government documents on weather modification and climate remediation mention sulphate, barium and aluminum metal particles and even nanoparticles as deployable chaff (if you really want to be concerned, read up on nanotechnology – which is already being used in a wide range of applications), but the disinformation campaign using junk science and doom web-sites to cleverly disguise the truth  is frightening. Anyone who questions or shares what they are observing, or asks for more information is immediately labeled and marginalized as a conspiracy theorist or worse, they are completely ignored.

Niamh Marnell of the Bulldog Blog wrote in 2010: “There are currently no laws prohibiting atmospheric geoengineering projects.” There are still no regulations in place and therefore, “no-one” knows or will admit to the degree and magnitude of  the actual execution of SRM, SAG, etc… Certainly  US regulatory agencies such as the FAA and EPA in the US ought to know something, one would think!  It makes sense though, that as long as there are no regulations in place and everyone pleads ignorance, the mad scientists and profiteers can go about the business of using the natural world as one huge guinea pig. Eventually, sane adults will be forced to step in and control the craziness. Hopefully in time. Hopefully before large scale or irreversible harm is done.

Getting back to Keith: Later in the article, he writes this:

SRM introduces damages.  There is an increase in the risks of destruction of stratospheric ozone due to SRM implementation (Solomon 1996, 1999). More-over, sulfuric acid deposition may create health and regional problems (Crutzen 2006); although recent literature suggests these effects are small (Kravitz et al. 2009). One study suggests?  Also, recent numerical simulations show that SRM will affect precipitation patterns and volumes, possibly causing droughts in large regions of the planet (e.g. Ricke et al. 2010).”

Wow. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on here, as far as the secrecy and disinformation angle, you think?

Reading Keith’s articles, I get the distinct impression that by his consistent,  continuous, and overt stating of all the damage that will occur as a result of SRM, he is some how clearing his own conscience and relieving himself of any guilt associated with his research and his strong advocacy of geoengineering.

Why should  chicken farmers and other animal caretakers be concerned?

Simply this: Whatever is being pumped into the upper atmosphere? That crap is falling to earth, affecting not only  the air that we breathe, but our soils and our waterways as well.  Chickens scratch up the grasses and soils – they forage. Concerned citizens around the globe are documenting toxic levels of barium and aluminum found in samples of soil and water, for example here: ( http://kauaisky.blogspot.com/2012/05/barium-aluminum-soil-level-letter.html ). Rational, educated people are concerned, not only for the health of plants and wildlife, there are also serious neuro-degenerative issues that have been raised – read Dr. Blaylock’s article: http://www.permaculture-wales.org.uk/index.php/guest-writers/541-nanoaluminium-in-geoengineering-effects-on-public-health.

What can we do as individuals?

1. Stay informed but read legitimate sources of information, especially on the Internet.

2. Find like-minded folks online, but also on a local level.

3.  Document what you observe in your skies, document your local weather, your crop yields, plant health etc… At some point in time, it might all become very useful.

If you have observed similar activity going on in your skies, please leave a comment!