Chip Chunkear


Chip Chunkear…

In a previous post, I provided a drawing of a wild mouse I caught  6 or so times, up to that post (clearly, in the drawing, I forgot to add his whiskers!) Since the “Mouse” post, he has been caught several more times. His name, Chip Chunkear, comes from the inspired imagination of blogger and twitter friends. Thank you!!

Before implementing WILDER tonight (the deportation program described in the Mouse post), I had the opportunity to take a picture of him with my phone. Here he is, without fear or trepidation (been there, done that. Yawn.) I can’t say that the companion mouse behind him though, feels the same (a new girlfriend or a reconciliation with the old? I can’t be sure.)


Not much more to say at this time. I had sincerely planned on halting the program for awhile… just  to think things through and come up with a durable alternative solution to this little problem… but I saw a scurrying mouse.