And The Winner is….



After all, he certainly deserves to stay, don’t you think?

I have never encountered such an amazing and persistent mouse.  Of course, I will continue to use Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent because I’m certain it does work, most of the time. I will still use all humane methodologies available  to keep 100+ year old farmhouse rodent-free. I just won’t actively seek to deport Chippy…and since he is really the only mouse that continues to be caught, I’m confident that there isn’t a HUGE problem here. This morning for example, no device, no extraneous evidence — maybe we have reached a workable compromise. I’m certain many people would believe this to be a totally unacceptable solution.  That I have a public health obligation to do whatever is necessary to eliminate ALL mice – whatever it takes. I respect your belief. I really do.

I’d love to read any comments for, against, or unique to what was an ongoing challenge and my final solution — which is, as one dear blogger wrote – live and let live!