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The Ethical Warrior

Something remarkable happened on the way to one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.  The discovery, once made, simply disappeared from view.  There wasn’t even a call to Houston to alert them to the problem.

Way back in 1953, Francis Crick and James Watson became the first ones to map the human genome for which they were later awarded the Nobel Prize.  Of course, mapping it and understanding it were totally different things.  So in 1990, a group of top international scientists formed the Human Genome Project to further explore man’s DNA.

Prior to the Human Genome Project, scientists believed that 90% of our DNA was “junk”, in other words – useless.  However, that all changed in a big way with the discovery of a network of human consciousness which operated under principles referred to as hyper-communication.  By hyper-communication, science is referring to a process by which our…

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