A Cold Morning:  -9.4 Celsius…

The lowest temperature  I observed today was 10 degrees Fahrenheit or -12.2 Celsius. and that occurred around 6:00 am. Needless to say, I kept the chickens in the coop until 8:00 am at which time, the temperature increased by 1 degree.

It’s supposed to be – forecasted as of this morning to be – a brilliantly sunny morning, which would quickly increase the relative warmth, if not the temperature itself. But thiiis is what’s going on right now, and it’s suppressing any much needed and appreciated radiative heating:

Not only that, this is the first year in 6 consecutive years  that I’ve directly observed no snow on the ground by this date –  it’s dry as a bone. Beyond dry. We had a brutal drought this summer and now with continued unsophisticated geoengineering of our regional weather, the drought is persisting this fall. It’s not an unintended consequence. Drought is a known high risk side effect of the ignorant use of weather manipulation. But this post is not about geoengineering — back to the cold day and the impact on my flock…

So, I decided to document this morning, specifically to show how warm I can keep the coop with the little space heater I’ve situated outside the coop, if the water in the building, but outside the coop is frozen (I know the water in the coop is not.) and share the chicken’s experience with the cold morning.

I start with the old building itself, which is pretty much what it looks like every morning:

Here are the birds, waiting not so patiently to let them out:

I have the coop set up, whereby in the summer, the door window comes out and the chickens are still protected from predators. The space heater is new, but I already broke a knob. I bought 3 more heaters: 2 space heaters and 1 large (11″ x 40″) Sweeter Heater. The space heaters are for super cold days, for a bit of inefficient supplemental warmth to cut the cold in the chicken space itself and the sweeter heater (which uses only 150 watts – NICE!) is for directed heat that the chickens can sit under if it gets really cold.

I should get the space heaters today (ordered them yesterday) – gotta love Amazon!! And I do! The Sweeter Heater was shipped out yesterday too – I paid $20.00 bucks for shipping, but I’m sure it’s just coming through  regular mail delivery – I live in the same state, so hopefully, sooner rather than later. I’m not that concerned – the temperatures will be rapidly rising this week and by the weekend, we’ll hit the 50’s  again (10’s C). Gotta love this manipulated weather…oops, sorry. Can’t help myself. Geoengineering & GMO just gets my goat.

So what was the coop temperature? Comfortable!!

I just checked the chicken space now. With the coop door open and with the comings and goings today, the temp in the building has  dropped to under 32 degrees and the water pail outside the coop, but still in the building was starting to ice slightly. It was not iced when I first went into the building at 8:00 am.

So how did the chickens fare on this very cold morning? Not bad. Not bad at all…

 Can you find the 5th chicken in the picture below?:

This little breakfast scene didn’t last long. Soon the birds were anxious to go out, as they usually are. So I let them try out the cold. I took out a tray of food and a water pail and let them try it…

They didn’t like it. After about 2 minutes, they all went back inside and that’s where they are now, huddling around the space heater area. Still cold, but not freezing. I think it’s going to be OK. I better go check on their water status…I do have an electric water heater and a microwave disc. I may try the disc  first…I think I just heard UPS.