In Mourning



A couple of days ago, I had planned to highlight the white dog on my blog, but something tragic happened and I’ve actually been in mourning because of a recent loss (really.) No, it isn’t the loss of a hen per se, but rather….oh well…you know in the old days – when we were kids,  they often had, in the entertainment section of magazines or newspapers,  two nearly identical pictures, but 5-10 things were different or missing and you had to figure it out – I loved that. Well, I’ll let you folks figure out what’s different. I’ll give you a hint – just focus on Pepita herself:



I’m still in mourning. A little down. Not feeling quite myself. I’ve had a similar feeling with a dog here and there, when tragedy has struck. I hope to snap out of it soon. Pepita has – at least I hope so.