Very Inspiring Blogger Award



Several days ago, I received a lovely notice from Suellen Carey-Clarke, the writer of meanderingmatriarch a wonderful blog, by the way – letting me know that she had nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I immediately wrote a thank you note to Suellen and let her know that I would soon follow through with the formalities of accepting this award. Today is the day!  I don’t know anything about the origin or history of this very special peer-nominated form of recognition, but it seems to be thoroughly organic in nature – arising from within the WordPress blogging community. If anyone has more info on this award, I would love to learn more!

I am extremely  honored to be nominated by a professional writer, especially a writer of creative non-fiction — because isn’t that exactly what we are all doing with our musings on love, life, food, gardens, animals, chooks, and other matters of living  that touch our souls and  inspire us to share our experiences.

The rules for accepting the award require that I:

    1. Thank the blogger who nominated me.  (Thank you Suellen!) check, check, check.
    2. Place the award on my site. check.
    3. Share 7 random things about myself. check.
    4. Nominate 15 blogs. check.  Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award. will do so after this post. check.

Here are 7 random things about myself – a glimpse into a completely different world that does not include chickens or dogs!

  1. I was a college athlete. Was is the operative word!
  2. I worked as the Fitness Director for a large health club claimed to be the largest in the world one year in the early 1990’s (A global franchise.)   At one point, I hired, trained, & supervised over 40+ personal trainers.
  3. In 11th grade, I was a member of and played on a boys varsity sports team – but not the same sport that I played in college.
  4. I went to 4 high schools in 4 years – not because I was a bad apple. Well, maybe sometimes…
  5. Despite being the “new kid in school” for the majority of my childhood and adolescence, I was a 12 letter varsity high school athlete.  American men will know what this means…
  6. I am published – but just in academia.  Does academia count? And Not prolific!
  7. Although I am bumbling new to world of chickens and the rural life – I do have the socially recognized credentials to have a  fitness, weight loss, obesity & diabetes discussion – I am not, however, a medical doctor.

Now that my resume is out of the way…. back to the world of chickens!!

I wish I could have nominated every blog I follow – all of them are fantastic!!

Here are my 15 nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and by the way,  these are incredibly awesome bloggers:

1.  Laura Rittenhouse’s Gardening Journal

2.  Linda’s New Garden & Wildlife Journey

3.  Sleeping Horse

4.  The Orchestra Director’s Wife

5.  chrismithonline  aka Green The beautiful-bench-out-of-pallets guy (the beautiful bench — err…okay…the guy too)

6. Prairie Muffin Manifesto

7.  littlepoppits

8.  shadowlilies

9.   Wuppenif

10.  Raw Milk Marathon

11.  Life in the Foothills 

12. Live Blissful

13.  Farmhouse38

14.  Heedley’s Hens

15.  becomingfullyhuman…he doesn’t follow me — yet!

I sincerely  hope I linked all my nominees properly. If not, please accept my apologies. Let me know my error and I will make the modification(s) you prefer!

You shall soon receive a personal  announcement from me with the formal instructions!