Three days before the official start to winter (and the end of the Mayan calendar) and we finally receive our first real snowfall –  a predicted 2 to 3 inches. A good 2 3 inches has already fallen and it doesn’t look to let up anytime soon. But this is just a taste of what we are expecting tomorrow night and all of Thursday. A blizzardy snowstorm is forecast to dump a solid 6 to 10 more inches. Whew. A white Christmas is assured! I know this with high certainty because after the snowstorm, the coldest temperatures of the year are going to swoop down from Canada, with daytime highs only reaching the 20’s (F) all through next week.

So where are all my pictures of the chickens open beaked, tongues out, and happily flapping their wings as the snow falls? Hmph. I can’t even get them to go near the door! How is it that those chooks know something is so very different today? Oh, by the way, Sissy is in broody mode and I am beside myself. It’s been one thing after another with these birds lately (Ruby’s wattle was bleeding the other day – I don’t know why.) But that’s for a different post. Another day.


How  ’bout pictures of the mutts, running around, jumping and playing in the snow? Hmmm, I can’t even get them to the front door. They all just want to lie around by the fire. The lazy lot.

If they don’t want to pose now when the temps are just at freezing and the air is still, I don’t think they are going to want to pose anytime soon, but I’ll be at the ready should any of them change their minds and decide to frolic – like animals are supposed to do at the first snowfall.

Well wishes to everyone in the Midwest who might also be affected by this weather event. Drive safe! Better yet – Don’t drive. Gas up the car, buy some food, prepare for a possible power outage and hunker down! And the most important thing — Check on your chickens!!