Post Apocalypse


We Made It!

According to a reputable source (which also happens to be my favorite doomsday website – not telling, of course – do I want to lose all credibility?), the 21st of December, 2012 commenced this morning at around 5:00 am or so, CST. This particular date and time marks the end of the Mayan calendar and as some have prophesized, the end of the world… or at the very least, the end of the world as we know it.

The blizzardy snowstorm has passed and all we are left with now are blizzardy winds and subfreezing temperatures. We’ve survived! We made it! The world is pretty much exactly as it was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, etc….except of course, in my little neck of the woods, there is now about a measly 6.5 inches of snow on the ground. Some places in the region were nearing the 24 inch mark! See, I haven’t even reached a higher level of consciousness (another predicted outcome for December 21st) – I’m still as greedy and covet-like as ever.


So, how did the chickens fare? The chicken coop (which is located within this old building – otherwise known as the hen sanctuary) was a comfortable 47 degrees this morning despite a persistent brutal northwest wind  and 2 power outages (one yesterday morning and another last night – both lasted only a couple of hours each – Thank God!) This building is where the chickens have hunkered down for the past several days, having had absolutely no interest to go anywhere near the doors – not even to check things out. As long as I keep them stocked with a fresh head of lettuce, some finely grated cheese, dried mealworm, a hot evening meal, and their regular chicken food, they seem to be content. I have 2 small awesome space heaters going and so far, no water has frozen. It’s comfortable enough.

The power outage last night helped me to realize that it might be a good idea to buy a couple of those sticker-like LED lights for the coop. I spent over an hour holding a flashlight in the coop while they “prepped” for bed-time — drinking, eating, preening, and then finally each of them individually jumping on the perch and settling in (taking their own sweet time.)

But they did surprisingly well. Even though their routine was disrupted and the flashlight made scary looking shadows on the coop wall, which kind of freaked them out, they followed along with the program. I think they are slowly beginning to trust me.


Now, what about the dogs? Well, they are alot like chickens. Brutal cold wind is what really keeps them indoors. Before the official start of the blizzard, I was able to capture a very typical snowy-newf moment, which is a Newfoundland lying  in the snow during a snow event and allowing themselves to be buried in it!


With the chickens, dogs, and pet mice squared away and tucked in, this morning then, my greatest concern was for the wild birds that I saw flying around, supposedly looking for water and food. I scraped some snow off the driveway in front of my car (the birds often times hang out under the car) and put down a bowl of food and water.


I never give nature the proper credit. I always think that I must intercede (like FEMA or the Red Cross) and provide sustenance during harsh times. Well, I went to check out the south side of the property and it was like Grand Central Station over there, with animal marks forming a deep track through the snow to get at… water…which was plentiful!Image


So what did I do when I came to the realization that wild animals actually know what to do during and after a weather event? I brought out some carrots for the rabbits and tossed them along side the wild animal thoroughfare………………..because I just can’t help myself.


Tonight, even though the winds will slowly diminish, the real-feel temperatures will drop to below zero (F.) I have confidence that the power will stay on and so I think, the chickens will do just fine.

It looks to me like it’s going to be a lovely white Christmas here on our little sliver of earth and our world – almost exactly as we know it – will probably ring in a new year.

So my post apocalypse wish for us all is that 2013 will be happy, healthy, and prosperous!