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Trumpity Trump…

Coop Poop …on Twitter getting ready to respond to the hashtag #Trump2016 thread. This ole rooster LOVES Trump!

Snow Day

Running the Fence-line… Today was the perfect day to do what all dogs must do, if they can, and that is play in the snow! There are 6 dogs that run on this… Continue reading

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Do Chickens Read?

Originally posted on Laughing at Everyday Life 1.0:
A couple of chickens walk into a public library, find the librarian and say… “Buk Buk BUK” The librarian decides that the chickens want three books, and promptly…

Post Apocalypse

We Made It! According to a reputable source (which also happens to be my favorite doomsday website – not telling, of course – do I want to lose all credibility?), the 21st of December,… Continue reading


SNOW Three days before the official start to winter (and the end of the Mayan calendar) and we finally receive our first real snowfall –  a predicted 2 to 3 inches. A good… Continue reading

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

WOW! Several days ago, I received a lovely notice from Suellen Carey-Clarke, the writer of meanderingmatriarch  – a wonderful blog, by the way – letting me know that she had nominated me for the… Continue reading

Review: Sweeter Heater Coop Heater by Infratherm

  Sweeter Heater – Coop Heater UPDATE January 2016 Many people have visited this particular post, which is typical in January! I wanted to drop a line and mention that my Sweeter Heater… Continue reading

Sharing Dinner

There have been several blogworthy moments that could have been documented this week, like the time Helen of Troy Boy sat on my lap for a few minutes without my holding on to… Continue reading


In Mourning

Before…. A couple of days ago, I had planned to highlight the white dog on my blog, but something tragic happened and I’ve actually been in mourning because of a recent loss (really.)… Continue reading

The Other Side of the Straw Bales

Encroachment… I only have 5 chickens, of which two are roosters (they were supposed to be hens.) My poultry  have 250 sq ft. of indoor chicken-centric hanging out space, they have a warm,… Continue reading

Feeding the Masses

Birds Are Like Dogs And Kids… OK. So I’m not exactly feeding the masses – I’m just feeding a few birds that have decided, for some odd reason, not to leave for warmer… Continue reading


Scientist: Many Pro-GMO Corporate Biologists Own GMO Patents, in Bed with Monsanto

Originally posted on The End Of All Crossroads:
by Anthony Gucciardi November 25th, 2012 | Updated 11/25/2012 at 2:12 am   The lead researcher behind the monumental study that linked Monsanto’s GMOs and…


 A Cold Morning:  -9.4 Celsius… The lowest temperature  I observed today was 10 degrees Fahrenheit or -12.2 Celsius. and that occurred around 6:00 am. Needless to say, I kept the chickens in the… Continue reading


Originally posted on becomingfullyhuman:
For the most part we buffer ourselves from direct experience with a conceptual layer that creates both a sense of identity and a degree of predictability and control. But…

Chicken Feet

Cleanliness is Next to…Part 2 In a previous post, so titled, I discussed why I did not permit the dogs to wander into the chicken side of the fence. It was less about… Continue reading

Confirmed: Geoengineering Aerosols Contaminate Water, Food and Soil

Geoengineering Aerosols Contaminate Water, Food and Soil…


Originally posted on The Ethical Warrior:
Something remarkable happened on the way to one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.  The discovery, once made, simply disappeared from view.  There wasn’t even…


Before Becoming Serious and Responsible Pred-A-Gards… Every so often, animal keepers hear the disturbing sounds of alarm from their pets. In the case of my dogs, the alarm is a sharp, persistent, low… Continue reading

Tired Chickens

Before Bed… In the evening around 4ish – give or take – now that Midwest November sunsets occur earlier day by day, the flock slowly heads back (more often coaxed) to the hen… Continue reading

The Other Side of The Fence

It’s Under Control… Not but a short while ago, the chickens – on one side of the fence – had their personal acreage (and quite a bit of it) and the dogs, on… Continue reading

How to find a beautiful bench in the dumpster:

“By popular request… that’s not true. Although actually it is the most requested thing on this site. But also the only requested thing on this site. In all honesty I’m writing this for… Continue reading

Open Letter re: Science Dominated by Corporate Influence? The GMO-RAT Study

And The Winner is….

Chippy!! After all, he certainly deserves to stay, don’t you think? I have never encountered such an amazing and persistent mouse.  Of course, I will continue to use Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent because… Continue reading

Plan B – Update 2

UPDATE 2: Chippy (no other mice) caught again tonight  in the room with several Fresh Cab sachets…and this… sachet with … er … evidence. aaaaaarrrrrhhhgggggg!!!!!!!!! UPDATE  1:  Plan B seemed promising enough until… Continue reading

Gregg Braden Interview

Originally posted on Trinity Holistic Living:
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Baby Mama

  The Chunkears…. Context is always nice to have and this morning, I was given some. Since my last Chippy Chunkear Post, I’ve humanely deported Chippy several more times, including late yesterday afternoon.… Continue reading


This evening, my white dog killed one of two possums that have been hanging around near the chicken area and the farmhouse itself – I’d say, for the past week or so.  I… Continue reading

Chip Chunkear

Chip Chunkear… In a previous post, I provided a drawing of a wild mouse I caught  6 or so times, up to that post (clearly, in the drawing, I forgot to add his… Continue reading


Originally posted on becomingfullyhuman:
Much of the human experience has been exploring helplessness in its various forms. We experience needing work to have the resources to live, and feel the powerlessness in the…


Rendition of Farmhouse Mouse…. It’s that time of year when old farmhouses in general, become the desirable winter residence of local small mammal populations. In a nutshell, it’s basically a seasonal, or weather… Continue reading

USDA and FDA are Monsanto’s little bitches. STOP THE MADNESS!!


Gary Null Releases ‘GMO Ticking Time Bomb’ Mini-Documentary: Watch It Here Before It Gets Censored – 5 October 2012

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Gary Null Releases ‘GMO Ticking Time Bomb’ Mini-Documentary: Watch It Here Before It Gets Censored – 5 October 2012.

Dr. Barbara Bellar’s Take On ObamaCare: Honest & Succinct!

…”We are going to be gifted with a health care plan that we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t,” Bellar continues, “signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered… Continue reading

Cleanliness Is Next to…

High Security… In an earlier blog (in Meet The Girls), I shared the hair raising tale of how my ruthless, bloodthirsty dogs broke into the fenced chicken area and committed an act of … Continue reading

Do you believe that GMO’s should be labeled? Click Here to Participate in the Poll!

Rat Tumors

We should all be seriously concerned with the results of this recent study: Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize.  GMO corn is ubiquitous in the American… Continue reading

The Flock

I used to refer to my chickens as the girls, but now the bird-gang is simply, the flock… That’s because the two good-looking chickens with the beautiful red combs? Those are roosters. For… Continue reading


Particulate Dispersion via Aircraft… What are they dispersing (who are they anyway?) and why? There is no way to answer any of these questions with any certainty because the general public, in my… Continue reading

To Be Or Not To Be….

  Helen of Troy is a Boy… She needs a new name. There is no more confusion. There is no question.    

Cold-Hardy Hens?

Check Out These Cold-Hardy Hens…. This morning, the temps were a cool 45 F degrees with a bit of a refreshing breeze. Nothing uncomfortable in the least, as the sky was and continues… Continue reading

3 Egg Milestone

  The Egg Team… Sissy laid her first egg today!! Now the 3 hen-looking hens are producing nice, pinkish light brown eggs!! The other two? Hmmm, Helen of Troy is probably…Helen the Boy.… Continue reading

Under Construction — Now Complete…Enough To Share

Yes. Something is  was under construction and that something is the outbuilding section that holds the chicken coop. I decided to take nearly 1/2 of the building space and create a hen sanctuary… Continue reading

Pepita Becomes (…still in the throes of becoming) (Is Now) a Woman

Pepita is laying her first egg as I blog this…pictures of the egg to come!! Maybe I can get a pic of her in the nest, but I really don’t want to disturb… Continue reading

Worm Beeotch

Digging For Worms… I think the expectation that I dig up the dirt daily for worm snacks began the day that I actually did it. Several days ago, I was observing how ineffective… Continue reading


The Buffet Line… Every afternoon around 4ish, the girls leave the piney fenced area and do what I interpret, as lining up for the evening buffet.  Starting at one corner of the barn,… Continue reading

Cold Front

One Corner Of The Property After bitching for weeks and weeks about the persistent heat (yes, anything above 82 F with dew-points above 62 is just too damn hot for me, the birds,… Continue reading

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